As Norm Tooling, we place innovation at the center of all our processes, make it a part of our corporate culture, and support creative ideas in all areas.
Our Innovation Point of View

We contribute to the development and transformation of the sector with our passion for innovation, our R&D engineers and strong information technology resources. With our academic studies and collaborations, we bring technological innovations to production and increase efficiency in business development and production processes.

With the information technology consultancy and services of Norm Digital, one of our affiliates, we digitalize all our processes with IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation. We adopt digital transformation as a corporate culture and serve our business partners with agile and flexible solutions from design to production, from sales to logistics. While we digitalize our processes with IT-independent applications developed by Norm Digital, we also increase in-company efficiency.

At Norm Tooling, we are dedicated to offering digital and environmentally friendly solutions throughout our processes. We strive to identify and embrace the trends shaping the sector, aligning our services with these trends to cater to all our stakeholders, particularly our customers.

We continuously develop competitive, transparent, and sustainable business models and processes to achieve this. Our focus is on enhancing performance targets through the design of efficient, value-added, and innovative methods.

With the robotic automation systems produced by our NRM Engineering company, we integrate our extensive experience and know-how in production with cutting-edge technology, specifically for 100% camera control and measurement equipment and product control systems.

In addition to our core services, which encompass project feasibility, project design, manufacturing, testing, commissioning, and after-sales support, we maintain a zero-defects target and uphold a high-quality standard in production through the implementation of robotic automation systems.