Die Manufacturing

With our quality-focused approach, we produce cold forming dies and steel products for various industries primarily for the Fastener industry.

Norm Vida

Cold Forming Dies

Norm Tooling employs advanced technology to produce innovative and precise cold forming dies for bolts and nuts, serving domestic and international customers in various industries.

Our 10,000 m2 facility, staffed by over 350 employees, produces cold forming dies for sectors such as automotive, white appliances, defense, and aviation, with a focus on the fastener industry.

We boast an annual production capacity of 60,000 diamond dies in the field of die manufacturing. At Norm Tooling, we guarantee perfection by conducting 100% quality measurements in line with our quality policy, ensuring error prevention. Our commitment to quality is further reinforced by the quality audit certificates we proudly hold.

Steel Products

In line with our quality principles, we continue to offer effective and sustainable solutions to our customers.

With a yearly production capacity of 350,000 steel parts from our 5,000 m² die manufacturing area, Norm Tooling, with its expert team of over 350 employees, provides a wide range of steel products to various industries, including the fastener industry as well as the automotive, white appliances, defense, and aviation sectors. We prioritize providing the best service through low-cost, high-quality, and just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing.